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Occupational Therapy

What is an Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist are tertiary trained professionals who aim to assist people achieve their optimal level of independence in daily activities.

A personís independence may be affected by physical, intellectual, social or psychological problems.

Daily Activities Include

  • self-care eg bathing, dressing, eating
  • Work, eg household duties, paid/unpaid employment, school
  • Leisure, eg sports, hobbies, social clubs, play
  • Rest, eg. Relaxation

    Occupational Therapy Intervention May Include

    • Assessment and retraining in self-care, work and leisure activities
    • Cognitive and perceptual assessment and retraining (e.g. perceptual assessment and body image, attention to task, memory and orientation or other factors which may affect ability to achieve independence)
    • Prescribing and/or adapting aids and equipment. Co-ordinating loan and provision of assistive equipment (eg wheelchairs, bath seats, commodes, adaptive seating)
    • Education in works simplification, energy conservation and joint protection techniques
    • advice and education on hand function and different hand conditions
    • Upper limb function retraining
    • Lymphoedema management and prescription of pressure garments for burns or lymphoedema
    • Scar reduction treatment
    • Prescription and fabrication of hand splints
    • Relaxation and stress management
    • Group work for problem solving skills, leisure, socialisation, education, living skills, physical rehabilitation, fine motor and handwriting skills
    • Problem identification, problem solving and counselling
    • Off-road driving assessment and advice on return to driving after physical, cognitive, perceptual or psychosocial disability
    • Advice on return to work issues

      Occupational Therapy Services Provided

      Medical and Surgical Inpatient Services

      • Gosford, Wyong and Woy Woy Hospital
      • Discharge Planning
      • Functional Assessment of ability to perform daily activities

      Rehabilitation and Geriatric Services

      • Wyong and Woy Woy Inpatient Rehabilitation Units
      • Wyong and Woy Woy Community Rehabilitation Teams
      • Gosford and Wyong Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy Services
      • Aged Care Assessment Team
      • Gosford and Wyong Cardia Rehabilitation Services
      • Community Rehabilitation Team

        Mental Health Services

        • Mandala Clinic for inpatient admissions
        • Community Rehabilitation services and rehabilitation centres located at Gosford (Kalinda) and Wyong (Bindaree)
        • Prevocational Training
        • Rehabilitation Assertive Follow-up Team (RAFT)
        • Community OT Based at Woy Woy, Citigate and Kincumber
        Child Health Services

        • Gosford and Wyong Outpatient Therapy
        • East Gosford School and Henry Kendall High School Support Units
        • Early Intervention at Yarran and Terrigal School for children with Autism
        Community Services

        • Community Home and Equipment Assessments and Modifications
        • Community Outreached and Therapy Services

        Speech Pathology

        Provides assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children with communication and feeding difficulties. Other services include:

        • Harm Minimisation Team
        • Alcohol and other Drug Services
        • Continence Advisor
        • Eating Disorders